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Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life! With this in mind it is important that every little detail goes to plan. In this day and age getting married is a costly business, after the purchase of your home it is more than likely the biggest expense of you life. Saying that, there are many ways in which you can make savings along the way and also lots of tips to ensure your big day goes according to plan.

As previously mentioned on our site, we only offer you the details of respected, reliable, professional wedding service providers. This itself can take some of the stress out of having to choose the ideal provider.

Whether you use one of our wedding suppliers or one that you have found elsewhere, we advise you to have a look at the tips below:

Make a list of all the things to be done and prioritise your list.
One big way to make to make massive savings is by booking your wedding mid week, this may sound strange at first, but you can save thousands of pounds adopting this option.
The financial side of things should be discussed and a budget worked out, this can always be revised at a later date.
Wherever possible choose your wedding service provider based on a recommendation. Word of mouth or a proven testimonial is usually the best form. Always ask for references.
Always ask all wedding suppliers for a quote in writing to include all details you have requested.
When you decide on your suppliers make sure you get a contract outlining all aspects of your requirements including times, payment details etc.
Bear in mind, the best wedding service providers are usually very busy so allow plenty of time when it comes to your planning stage. Also, there are many items and services that you will be offered along the way, many of them are really tempting and would be a great addition to your big day, try your best to keep your feet on the ground, stick to your budget and see what’s left over for those little luxuries at the end.